Wouter Biegstraaten

UX visual designer [8Y+] with a love for storytelling

Shaping and designing customer journeys and conducting user interviews. Facilitating design sprints. Brand Identity - aligning all forms, shapes and sizes. Digital Gatekeeper. Strong in conceptual thinking. Lean mindset with a 360 outlook on things. Good in turning strong ideas into pixels. This journey from concept to design watching it emerge online is where I find my passion. Loving both Figma and Sketch.

When you read my cv you will see I have done a lot and switched quite a bit. But I give you this - you should not need to worry. I believe it has has defined my center as a ux strategist - the point of my focus where I am strongest. Coming up with creative solutions when required. Coaching people and challenge them to go the extra mile. Hosting workshops and pitching concepts to stakeholders I consider that part of my strength.

Being creative and empathic, it allows me to inspire people and deliver synergy. That very core of my dna as a ux designer, I use to reach out to the user. To sit down with him and talk about his wants and needs as a user - to join him in his journey.
If you want to know what's going on you only need but a listening ear.

Inspired by
Morihei Ueshiba, Nickola Tesla, David Carson, Banksy, Bruce Lee, Batman, Musashi, Joseph Campbell, Jamie Oliver

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